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Professionalism, Independence and integrity are our foremost motto.

Managed by experienced trained Accountants with more than 25 years of exposures in the areas of accounting and finance, many small-medium enterprise (SME) including private exempt companies, sole-proprietor and partnership businesses had benefitted from our expertise and assistance in implementing, setting-up, training and improving their accounting system and processes, and their business efficiency.

For your One-Stop Accounting Solution, we provide a wide range of services to suit your budget, business requirement and accounting needs. Our services include System Implementation, Installation, Set-up, Customization, On-site Training, Classroom Training, Business Support, Product Version Upgrade, Product Family Upgrade & other services.

Our strategy for implementing your accounting system project is a four-phase approach, including business analysis, installation & set-up, practical onsite training and technical support. We will help you in implementing an accounting system that is effective, user-friendly and cost & operation efficient. Our implementation project will be managed by our Certified ABSS (formerly known as MYOB) Consultant/ Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

With our track records in successfully helping many businesses in accounting solutions, you can rest assured of our professional services and count on us for a prompt and smooth implementation of the project at minimal cost and with minimal disruption.

As our customer, we will provide you with the necessary assistance for the available funding process and documentation right from the application to the claim stage.

You have the option to decide on how much you want us to be involved; you may perhaps want us to supply the software only, or together with classroom training, or a total implementation packaged solution with onsite training by our experienced qualified consultants who are experienced/ certified accountants.






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